Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hi i'm Anastacia i'm 13 and i'm from Berlin  and I moved to new Zealand because my hometown was attacked it is in Germany  so we moved to L-A and I grew up there then we moved to Wellington in new Zealand  and mostly because my dad Bob got a job as a builder technician and a guard it's tough because he is never home.Mum Annie stays at home and looks after me and my little brother when we're at home. My brother Alex is always out with his friends Aaron,Ben,and Jack and i'm just shopping with the girls it's fun. They can be fun sometimes and we sometimes buy lunch and shoes but I love to hang out with Joe,Eddy, and Beckie though last month we got to go to rotorua and mount Tarawera was actually a  volcano just about erupted but Joe saved us. It was awesome I couldn't believe it (Ring Ring Ring) Oh hold on sorry. Hello oh hi mum yes ok i'll be soon i’ve gotta go bye.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Learning Like A Jungle / Zoo tiger

The other day my class and I watched a video called learning like a jungle tiger. I think that the zoo tiger has it easy because it has everything it wants like eating, sleeping and drinking. Basically gets what it wants but in the wild it has no chance. In the wild if it was born in captivity than it has no chance but if born in the wild it has a chance of living so like a jungle tiger has to learn by itself and a zoo tiger gets taught what to do but. I personally would like to be a zoo tiger because it easier for me to learn being told what to do.